What Is A Tuba?

Tuba is one of the most popular music brass instruments. The device is also well known for its largest and lowest pitches. Its sound is produced by buzzing of the mouthpiece. Besides, it delivers quality sound with a distinctive tone. The tuba is widely used in orchestral music, jazz, military and popular for classical music.

Today we have an endless list of famous tuba players since its evolution. The ideal players are well known for their expertise to produce iconic music. The tuba players tend to perform better on particular genres. This article will highlight a number of best famous tuba players all over the world to appreciate their excellent work. They are classified according to genre and era.

Classical Music Best Tuba Players

Arnold Jacobs

Arnold Jacobs was an American tuba player who was the core Tubist for Chicago Symphony Orchestra. This American tubist was a pro on breathing related to woodwind, vocal performance and Brasswind. He was an orchestral tuba player since 1944 to 1988 when he retired. He died from childhood illness and asthma. Apparently, he is a legend and widely remembered for his great exceptional music.

Kenneth Amis

Kenneth Amis is a famous tuba player who is an assistant conductor and an affiliated artist of MIT Wind Ensemble. This orchestral group initially was born in 1999 and has evolved ever since. He also works hand in hand with Empire Brass to display his considerable skills. He holds a Mater Degree in Music, thus explaining his career progress.

Jazz Great Tuba players

Bob Stewart

Bob Stewart is one of the modern tuba players in America. He holds a Degree in Bachelor of Music Education and a Master’s Degree in Education. Stewart has managed to record with a few successful bands in the world. Apparently, he is a distinguished lecturer and a professor at Lehman College and Juilliard School.

Godard Michel

Godard Michel is a French tuba player. He is also good in jazz music and did some classical genre some years back. He can produce soothing tunes that always surprises the listener. Godard was enrolled to the Philharmonic Orchestra of Radio-France at an early age and has work for this group up to date.

Tom Abbs

Tom Abbs is veteran American jazz artist and a tuba player. He also plays a number of other music instruments such as violin, flute and double bass. In 1992, he fully turned his performing career to a full-time job. He later founded Jump Arts Coalition, which presents workshops and performance in artist services.

Rock Famous Tubists

Herbie Flowers

Herbie Flowers is a British musician and skilled to play a number of music instruments, Tuba being one of them. He is recognized for his work and several iconic recordings with various bass players.

Experimental Tubists

John White

John White is an English music performer, experimental composer and tubist. He has musical history career with a variety of his collection. Although he can cover a wide range of styles, he tends to emphasize on the experimental genre.

Nonetheless, the list is very narrow but visiting a number of websites; one can learn more about famous tuba players globally. Most tuba players engage in both classical and jazz music. However, this instrument is quite complex and requires educational/learnt skills to operate it.